Friday, July 27, 2012

Sewing Room

Hello  Today I wanted to share my sewing room with you. I've always dreamed of having one for many years and recently I got that. My son moved out and I turned his old room into a sewing room, its not nothing big and fantasy like my dream ones I've came across online looking for ideas on decorations. But, it works for me, however I would like to do some more decorating to make it more of a sewing theme room. That will take some time to gather the neat little items I want to put in there and I will make a few as well, when I find that right project that is. For now here is a look at what I came up with so far, don't mind the mess haha, Whats a sewing room with out the mess right?Sewing Room Thanks for checking it out, please stop back

Tye-Dye Tunic

Hello and Welcome back, This week I am going to make this awesome tye-dye tunic the pattern is from New Look  and  the fabric is Jersey Knit and its a Turquoise color. However, I wanted tye-dye fabric and looked all over the web and just couldn't find the one I wanted. So i found this fabric and decided I am going to tye dye it myself, I used a denim blue dye from Rit and I think it turned out awesome not to bad for being the first time I ever tye-dye anything.  I had this pattern for about 3 months now and been dying to make it. I am so excited just cant wait to get started this week, That is if life lets me :) but sometimes it has a way of getting in the way of our sewing  . So please check back in a few days, I am hoping to have it done. But as we all know when we give our self a dead line sometimes that dead line doesn't always get met.  Thanks for stopping by, I will talk to you soon.

I got it done !! I think it turned out great and its very comfy I am finding myself wearing it alot lol I will make this again for sure and thinking about making  in a purple or pink tye dye since the summer season is allmost over we will have to wait and do it next summer. It didnt take but a few hours to make it would be great for all you beginners out there to try. :) thanks for stopping by and lots more to come

Monday, July 23, 2012

Thread Organizing

Hello Everyone, I came across a link party at Sew Many Ways on  Thread Organizing, So I thought I would join in on the fun. Even though my organizing needs some improvement I  will share with you on how i store my thread. Here is a few pictures on how I keep my thread for my many sewing projects. First one is the thread spools, the two racks on the right are Machine Embroidery thread that I got a great deal on for all of them from eBay on the left is my regular sewing thread not as much as the embroidery thread but a good amount.  I think  I need more  just to have a good amount of colors on hand.
 The second picture is how I store my bobbins  I just put them in small clear plastic containers one for each type of sewing and that is about all I have for thread. Not to much to store for now any ways. Make sure you jump on over to see Kathy at Sew Many Ways . She has allot of great tips and fun blogs to read. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sew What? Going on this week

This week I'll be working on a pattern by Butterick B5471 I am going to be making the Dress and Jacket . The dress will be made with the black/gray pattern fabric and the jacket with the dark gray fabric  I am making this for a wedding I have to attend next month, being the middle of August I think it will be pretty cool and comfy at the same time, along with a jacket for when it gets chilly at night . I am also going to enter these garments into a contest I am going for Pattern Stash 2012. This has been sitting around for some time now, and I thought what a better time then now, Right?  Since this contest is challenging you to use a pattern in your stash you have for awhile what better time to get it used then now with the wedding just around the corner.

Mind you this contest started one July 1st and well I am just getting started on it, talk about rushing it eh. But, I have till  the 31st so , I am sure it can be done. So check back in a week or two and see how they turned out. Thanks for stopping bye ! :) see you in  a week or so.

7/20/2012 =Thought I would give a little update: I should of been done by now with at least the dress, but life how it does sometimes likes to take over our sewing times and this week the case of the yucky s got a hold of me. I've not felt good the last few days , so I've not been putting the sewing peddle to the metal so to speak, so i am hoping to get back on the cutting board this weekend and get this dress and jacket done. Time is getting away from me for this contest so, I need to bite the bullet and get to sewing. So, I am hoping that this weekend I can play catch up and get allot done. and see what I can make out of this fabric. :) thanks for stopping by see you soon.

Well after a busy few weeks I got the dress done, and just in time the contest ends in 4 days. Talk about cutting it close, I didn't have time to do the jacket so maybe another time I will make it, but for now the dress is finished and turned out pretty good . Here is the finished garment
 the front view  and back view
 I think it turned out pretty good was very easy to make once I got help with one step lol I was stuck on , other then that it turned out pretty good. Its very comfortable as well, and lite for those hot summer days.
Thanks for stopping by, come back soon and see more of Sew Wut? :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I know its been a few weeks since I posted anything life just got away with me for awhile but i am back at the sewing machine woot. this week i am working on a maxi dress for myself its by McCalls easy stitch n save, I am making the view B dress the yellow one in the picture the fabric I picked is similar to the one on the pattern envelope its a cotton fabric its light and I think it be comfy and  cool for this summer . so check back in a few days i am hoping to have it done and see the finished project

Well its finished master piece its been done for about a week just kept forgetting to post lol life has away of doing that with us. But non the less here is the finished dress it was tons of fun to make other then the fabric i picked when i bought it i so thought it said 100% cotton well after working with it for awhile and i noticed it starting to fray alottt and more and more as i worked with it so i just kept at it.  When I went to iron , well it melted so i wont be using this fabric anymore i am pretty sure its a cotton polly blend of some sort but, it is a very comfy dress and I love the turn out .

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Outfit for Grand-Daughter

Hello everyone, This week I'm going to be working on  a few summer outfits for the Grand-Daughter she is so little :) it wont take long to make her a few for the summer. To start with I'm going to be working on a McCalls Easy stitch'n Save Pattern M6305 its a cute top and shorts, you can also make a dress and pants. I love the top and shorts , thought it was pretty darn cute for her. Here is the fabric and notations I am working with for this outfit . So check back in a few day's and I will have the finished Project posted.

Well its been more then a few days lol its been about a week or so, life got ahead of me and been busy busy . How ever, I did get her out fit done, with a few issues along the way :(.  I had to change the fabric and appliques due to not having enough * slaps head* when i bought the fabric in original post photo, it was from those wonderful remants bins and I must of had one of those good old memory issues and didn't realize that it wasn't enough fabric , until i went to cut the pieces out of fabric . I got them all cut out and realized on some of them it was two on fold etc. well crap I thought.

So , I had to go get different fabric, talk about a mad dash to the fabric department , in pj's at 9 pm so i found a cute fabric and summery . So with this issue it did turn out pretty darn cute, can't wait to see it on her.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sew What is going on this week? I am working on aprons for parents and daughter I've been trying to get these done for a few weeks now, but with entering the contest I've not had much time. Now that they are done I am trying to play catch up this week on these aprons, I got dad's done  yesterday and I worked on embroidery for moms all evening tonight  the 29th of may so tomorrow i plan on finishing up moms and start on daughters her will go fast cause there is no embroidery it only takes about hour to put these aprons together here is the  pattern I am working on and a picture of dads. so check back in a few days and i should have moms and daughters done and posted ;)

Today 5/30/12 I got mom's and daughters along with grand daughters aprons done whew I think I'm good for making aprons for awhile :) unless I get another request for wanting one but, for now I'm done , Here is the finished aprons. The purple one is mom's, the black one is daughter's and the blue one is granddaughters.