Saturday, May 12, 2012

Natural Fibres Contest

For This contest I have to Make an item using only 100% natural fibres- silk, wool, cotton, linen, hemp or bamboo. I picked 100% cotton , I'm making a top, shorts and jacket combo its a pattern by Simplicity 2227.  Here is the fabric that I picked for each garment, the top is going to be in the white with little green dots on it and the shorts are in this lighter brown, as for the jacket its in this darker brown fabric.You have 30 days to make your item however i better get going on mine :0 I have started and almost done with the top. so check back soon to see the finished garments now off to the sewing machine.

Yeh!!! I got all the garments finshed!!! They turned out pretty good I thought and didnt take long to make once I got the time to work on them life just got away from me this last few weeks with not much time to sew and get these garments done, but I did it !!! got them all finshed up here is what the final garments look like.

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